Caroni 1992 Velier 18 Year Old Heavy

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Caroni 1992 Velier 18 Year Old Heavy was produced only 16236 bottles of rum in this limited release. You are looking at a 18-year-old spirit. The liquid gold was distilled in 1992. The distillate was aged in a barrel until 2010, when it was bottled. Caroni 1992 has an ABV of 55 %. The bottle size is 700 ml. Originally Velier was a small traditional wine and spirit importer in Genoa, Italy. Caroni was built on the old Caroni Sugar factory and was famous for supplying heavy rum to the British Navy. Whiskey Club

This was distilled in 1992 and bottled in 2010 at 18. A stock of 33 barrels produced 16,236 bottles.


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