Dom Pérignon Brut 2010

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This vintage will be remembered, in the history of  Dom Pérignon , for having been in stark contrast to the last of the decade: low temperatures at the beginning of the year were the prelude to a cool spring and a dry summer. However, close to the harvest period, everything suddenly changed: the strong and anomalous precipitations enveloped the Pinot Noir grapes of   botritis cinerea, also known as ‘noble rot’. Thanks to this event, the grapes reached an intense balance between sweetness and acidity, difficult to find in other vintages.

Bright straw yellow color with very thin perlage, the nose sees the sweetness of tropical fruit as protagonist: pineapple, green mango and melon with more temperate notes of orange and mandarin peel, without neglecting the mineral notes in the background. There is no shortage of flowers, declined between jasmine and lilac. Full, rich and intense taste, it takes shape with the elegance and harmony of the fruity part and then leaves room for spicy and peppery notes. The harmony continues until the saline part is enhanced.

With all. But also alone, in meditation.


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