Gin Elephant


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm


Handcrafted in Germany, Elephant Gin is distilled with 14 botanicals, including rare African ingredients, to create a unique organoleptic profile. The company donates 15% of its profits to two foundations dedicated to the protection of elephants, to support the preservation of African wildlife and help conserve this magnificent diversity for future generations.

Another gin of German origin, the Elephant  speaks of an entirely African noble cause, that of the safeguarding of elephants, as much as 15% of the proceeds of this distillate is in fact destined to 2 organizations that are responsible for protecting this large mammal.

The botanicals used are 14, among which the African absinthe  and the baobab fruit stand out, the bottle is cared for in every single detail, from the evocative label of the noble cause it represents up to the cord around the cork. The lots are very small, so much so that every single bottle is  numbered : a project with solid foundations that, although young, has already garnered numerous acclaim.

Gin Elephant is colorless, the nose offers sweet notes of apple and darker notes of juniper, slight hints of citrus in the background and delicate puffs of white flowers, with a hint of vegetable. The taste is soft, gentle and refined, it tickles the palate and makes us come to the conclusion that it is a gin so well made that it does not need to be mixed with anything else.

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